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Re: [Cluster-devel] STABLE2 cluster branch

Hi guys,

On Fri, 22 Feb 2008, David Teigland wrote:

I've created a new STABLE2 branch from master in the new cluster.git.

thanks for this work...

The point of STABLE2 is:

 - build/run with the current stable release of openais, (now 0.80.3)

I think i would really like to be able to detect this at build time. I know as a project we don't usually add #ifdef version > 1.0 kind of things but some distributions already have openais 0.82 around and a downgrade to follow the stable2 branch could be complex.

I don't see creating another branch is the right solution as it will involve the extra overhead for it.

I think we're in good shape already for the kernel, but some work is
needed for compatibility with openais 0.80.3.

Is anybody actually working on this?

Most of the commits that are made to the RHEL5 branch should also be made
to STABLE2.  New things developed on the master branch would probably not
be appropriate for STABLE2.

Also bug fixes and clean up commits in master should go into the stable2 branch. There are already a good bunch of candidates for inclusion.

I plan to do tarball releases from the STABLE2 branch (cluster-2.y.0).  As
soon as we get it working with openais 0.80.3 and kernel 2.6.24, we'll
release cluster-2.02.00.


My ultimate hope is that these released tarballs will form the basis for
distribution packaging.



I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

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