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[Cluster-devel] Cluster Project annotated tag, cluster-2.99.01, created. cluster-2.99.01

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Cluster Project".


The annotated tag, cluster-2.99.01 has been created
        at  7fa8489ff3c33d6774601dbcf0fd9cb000b32714 (tag)
   tagging  9ed5eebf3af21237ca0ff76e5d525d6f37d91ac7 (commit)
  replaces  cluster-2.99.00
 tagged by  Fabio M. Di Nitto
        on  Wed May 14 11:23:23 2008 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
cluster-2.99.01 release

Christine Caulfield (4):
      [CMAN] Remove external dependancies from config modules
      [CMAN] Fix localhost checking that I broke last week.
      [CMAN] make qdisk compile on i386
      [CMAN] fix cman_tool join -X

David Teigland (18):
      fence: fence_tool list and fenced_domain_nodes()
      fence_tool: fix list command
      libdlm: use linux/dlm.h from 2.6.26-rc
      libdlmcontrol: new lib interface to dlm_controld
      dlm_controld: fix build problems in previous commit
      libdlmcontrol: filling out code
      dlm_controld: filling out code
      dlm_controld: code for info/debug queries
      dlm_tool: add libdlmcontrol query commands
      daemons: mostly daemonization stuff
      daemons: queries
      dlm_controld: fix waiting for removed node
      dlm_controld: options to disable fencing/quorum dependency
      dlm_controld: dlm_tool query fixes
      dlm_tool: refine list output
      dlm_controld: remove unworking re-merge detection
      dlm_controld/gfs_controld: ignore write(2) return value on plock dev
      dlm_controld: use started_count to detect remerges

Fabio M. Di Nitto (19):
      [BUILD] Change build system to cope with new libdlmcontrol
      libdlm: fix libdlmcontrol in Makefile
      [CMAN] Do not query ccs as it might not be the right config plugin
      [CCS] Detach dependency on ccsd to run the cluster
      [CCS] Fix build with gcc-4.3
      [CMAN] Set default syslog facility at build time
      [BUILD] Allow users to set path to init.d
      [MISC] Fix build errors with Fedora default build options
      [MISC] Fix more build errors with Fedora default build options
      [MISC] Fix even more build errors with Fedora default build options
      [BUILD] Fix install when building from a separate tree
      [MISC] Fix some gfs2 build warnings
      [BUILD] Require 2.6.26 kernel to build
      [GNBD] Update gnbd to work with 2.6.26
      [GFS] Make gfs build with 2.6.26 (DO NOT USE!)
      [RGMANAGER] ^M's are good for DOS, bad for UNIX
      [BUILD] Move fencelib in /usr/share
      [MISC] Cast some love to init scripts
      [CMAN] Fix path to cman_tool

Lon Hohberger (2):
      [cman] Close sockets in error state in gfs_controld / dlmtest2 / groupd test
      [rgmanager] Fix #441582 - symlinks in mount points causing failures

Marc - A. Dahlhaus (1):
      [MISC] Add version string to -V options of dlm_tool and group deamons

Marek 'marx' Grac (2):
      [FENCE] SSH support using stdin options
      [FENCE] Fix #435154: Support for 24 port APC fencing device


Cluster Project

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