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[Cluster-devel] Announce: GNBD 2.99.13 release

Hi everybody,

as of today GNBD has been removed from cluster.git master branch and
made into a standalone, community driven, project and it will not be
part of cluster-2.99.xx (and higher) releases.

The main reason for splitting, and somehow sign the end-of-life of GNBD
is that there are many, more powerful and recognized standard
technologies out there that should be used in place of GNBD.

The new project source can be found here:

The new source tarball can be downloaded here:

In order to build gnbd-2.99.13, you will need libcman installed from

If you are interested in working and maintaining GNBD, you are welcome
to apply directly to access the gitgnbd fedora group or contact me.

For older releases the authoritative source is cluster.git.


NOTE: this is a no-change release compared to 2.99.12 code. diffstat and
changelog have been omitted to avoid a 10MB email to flood everybody's
inbox for a few Makefile change and removal of all unrelated code.

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