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[Cluster-devel] cluster3 build: libdlm.h and PATH_MAX


I should've asked on IRC before you folks all left for your
conference, but these are two things I'd forgotten about until now
(because I'm setting up a new cluster from scratch).

First, I'm building cluster3 and run into difficulties with finding
libdlm.h.  In order to coax the build along, I had to modify:
  - cluster/dlm/tool/Makefile
  - cluster/dlm/libdlmcontrol/Makefile
  - cluster/group/dlm_controld
.. by adding cluster/dlm/libdlm/ as an include directory.

I believe I'd had this trouble in the past with cluster2, as well, and
just punted and yum installed cman-devel -- but that's an ugly kludge.

My question is: has anyone else noticed anything w/r/t missing
libdlm.h, and if not have you verified that it's actually getting
picked up from the cluster source tree and not a pre-existing one in
/usr/include somewhere?

I'd had a similar problem before with
cluster/group/libgfscontrol/libgfscontrol.h, which uses PATH_MAX.
Builds on my systems blow up because it doesn't #include
<linux/limits.h>.  I've had the one-liner patch in my tree for months
and forgot about it until I rebased and excised it, expecting it to be

Has anyone noticed anything similar?  This one seems pretty clear-cut,
but something must be screwy somewhere or everyone would've noticed it
a long time ago.

thanks -- and enjoy Austria (or wherever you folks are having your conference),


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