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Re: [Cluster-devel] Command Line Cluster Configuration Tools

Kevin Anderson wrote:
> Hi all,
> Now that we are removing ccsd from the mix for cluster 3.x, what are we
> doing about all of the command line cluster configuration capabilities
> we had in ccs_tool?   What is the new command to add/delete nodes,
> propagate configuration?  I would also like to have command line ways to
> add resources to the configuration.  Basically, anything you can do with
> vi and XML knowledge, we need a scriptable method of doing the same
> operation.
> Thoughts?

ccs_tool with it's addnode (etc) subcommands still exists. It writes
directly to cluster.conf as it always did.

Fabio had the good sense to #ifdef the ccsd update parts of that code so
that they are only active when LEGACY_CODE is defined. So if you still
have ccsd then 'ccs_tool addnode' will tell it to distribute the new

I don't know anything about the new distribution system (I never did
managed to get ricci compiled!) but we might need to add hooks for that
into the ccs_tool editconf functions for compatibility.



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