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[Cluster-devel] NFS v2 not compatible with GFS2

We have found that NFS version 2 does not seem to be compatible with
an NFS exported GFS2 file system.  The NFS client can mount the file
system, but any file I/O results in Stale File Handle and I/O errors.

It looks very much like the problem described here -

Has there been any progress on resolving this issue, or are we out of
luck.  We have a legacy device that will only use NFS v2, and we would
very much like to use GFS2 as we do for the rest of our system.

To replicate the problem for a GFS2 exported file system (say
/data/mygfs2_fs on host foo ), mount it on another host as
"% mount -o nfsvers=2 foo:/data/mygfs2_fs /mnt/tmp"

You will find that you can list the directory entries, but any attempt
to read or write to files will fail.

Note, we find that the GFS file system does not seem to have problems
with NFS v2 clients, only GFS2.

Any help would be appreciated.

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