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Re: [Cluster-devel] GFS2: Tracing support


On Tue, 2009-04-14 at 17:25 +0100, Steven Whitehouse wrote:
> >From c154c0500fa6f5fad6eb95cf9f1b578a5cd24525 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
> From: Steven Whitehouse <swhiteho redhat com>
> Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 16:13:55 +0100
> Subject: [PATCH] GFS2: Tracing support
> This is my initial attempt at tracing support for GFS2. There are three
> major themes covering glocks, logging and bmap/alloc. It seems to work
> ok on its own, although the plan is to be able to use it in conjunction
> with blktrace in order to provide a means of testing correctness and
> performance analysis of GFS2.
> Signed-off-by: Steven Whitehouse <swhiteho redhat com>

Some further notes:

Firstly there seems to be an issue with formatting when blktrace and one
or more of the events tracers are used in combination. There are patches
being proposed at the moment to solve this issue, so it shouldn't be too
long before that is fixed.

Also there are patches in the works to merge the two tracing headers
into one. That means that this patch will have to change too. It might
be easier for me to submit this via the tracing tree, rather than the
gfs2 tree bearing in mind the number of changes going on in the tracing
tree right now.


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