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Re: [Cluster-devel] disallowed in cluster3

On 05/08/09 17:52, David Teigland wrote:
When rewriting daemons for cluster3 to remove groupd, I wrote them to not need
or use the disallowed-nodes feature from cman for handling remerging of
cluster partitions.  In compat mode, however, (the cluster2 code) they would
still depend on that cman feature, which is why it still exists in cluster3

I've found, though, that when we do have a partition remerge, cman's
disallowed feature gets in the way of the daemons trying to handle it
themselves (which I'm testing, it doesn't seem quite right in all
partitioning/merging cases yet.)

So, I think what we need is for cluster3 cman to turn off the disallowed
feature unless the cluster is in compat mode, i.e.<group groupd_compat="1"/>

Thanks, I've been looking for an excuse to add code to cluster3 to disable that mode ;-)

I'm not happy with cman reading groupd tags out of cluster.conf though. The alternatives are to have an extra tag for cman, but that risks users only setting one or the other and causing havoc. So how about a higher level <cluster compat="x"> flag ?


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