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Re: [Cluster-devel] [PATCH] gfs2: free disk inode which is deleted by remote node

Hi Steve,

Steven Whitehouse wrote:

Don't worry about the wrong list, I did spot the patch anyway. I agree
with the principle of what you are trying to do, but something isn't
quite right. When I tried this on Friday I got a NULL pointer deref the
first time I tried to touch a file on the fs.

I think it needs a bit more work, but its certainly going in the right

encouraged :)
and yes the dentry->d_inode is set to NULL in path vfs_unlink()->d_delete()->dentry_iput(). I didn't test it out since I wasn't running on the patched code on the other node, sorry for that.
I'm going to send the v2 version of the patch soon.
if you are going to commit the patch, please help(and feel free) to correct mistakes, it there are, in my patch log --my English is not good.


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