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[Cluster-devel] STABLE2 branch lifetime

Hi all,

as we move forward in our development and produce new and stable code,
we also face the big and time consuming challenge to maintain old code.
This overhead can't last forever as we simply don't have the resources
to test all possible combinations.

It's time to set some expectations on what will happen to our STABLE2
branch that is maintained for our community.

The STABLE2 branch will be maintained and supported by Red Hat
developers for 6 months after STABLE3 branch will be declared
"production ready" (this should happen in approx 2 months from now, that
means STABLE2 will see EOS in about 8 months - dates to be confirmed).

As I am sure everybody knows, we welcome every contributor to take over
this branch at any time. It means that STABLE2 branch can continue to
live as long as there will be people taking care of it. Of course we
commit to assist any new contributor to become familiar with the
on-going maintain process and release management.


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