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[Cluster-devel] Re: [PATCH] rgmanager: Add resource agent for DRBD

Hello everyone,

a bit of additional information about this patch: we've shipped this
rgmanager resource agent in DRBD for a while. It's been deployed on a
number of RHEL 5 clusters and people seem to be happy with
it. However, since it's not integrated into system-config-cluster or
Conga, the user experience is less than smooth. We've refrained from
delivering system-config-cluster or Conga integration, since we would
have to patch Red Hat maintained code in-place to be able to add that
functionality, and that would obviously be a braindead thing to do.

So as discussed with Lon, I'm submitting this for possible inclusion
in rgmanager. Since cman/rgmanager appear to be hanging around for a
while, as you are moving to Pacemaker (which has had a DRBD resource
agent since the Heartbeat days), and in the hope of facilitating
integration with the management tools.

I realize you guys are currently in stabilization mode for 3.0.0, so
feel free to defer the inclusion until later, but I didn't want to
hold out with the submission any longer -- we already did for way too
long. :)

I'm of course grateful for any comments, questions, and feedback about
this patch.


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