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[Cluster-devel] Cluster 3.y.z: call for a more detailed schedule and timeline

Hi everybody,

all of us had our heads down to get cluster 3.0.0 final out of the door
for a long time now. We achieved this milestone and it's now time to
look forward.

As you already know the 3.y.z series will receive bug fixes and
improvements as feedback from our community and users will flow in and
we will make available regular update releases to follow
corosync/openais and upstream kernels.

Let's try to define together the future of 3.y.z based on the following

- .z releases should contain only bug fixes.
  Exceptions: new fence agents that do not require changes to the 
  shared fence python library will be allowed. New resource agents will 
  also be allowed. Porting of gfs1-kernel module to a new kernel is 
  .z releases will happen depending on the amount of fixes that have
  been pushed in the tree. Fixes can go directly into the STABLE3 

- .y releases can contain more substantial changes and will happen less
  often than .z releases. Default behaviour of the software should 
  never change. Introducing a new one has to be configurable and the 
  .y releases need to be scheduled.
  All the development for a specific .y change needs to be 
  pre-published into a private branch for public review and testing and 
  land in STABLE3 only when the merge time is right (details on how to 
  merge or push or pull can be discussed later on as we have plenty of 

So let's take a look at possible time line for .y releases. Here is my
suggestion, nothing is set is stone, please add your comments and ideas
so we can start to lay down a more formal path:

3.1.z to be released by 15th of Sep:

- working and tested rolling upgrade from STABLE2 
  across the whole stack.
- enable make srpm and rpm targets to the build system.
- enable rgmanager checkpoints.
- add-your-items-here

3.2.z to be released by 15th of Dec:

- backport autotool build system from master.
- integrate debian/ubuntu packaging support upstream.
- internationalization and translation support.
- add-your-items-here

Goals can also be swapped around if you believe that they should have
higher or lower priority and if time allows more goals can be squeezed
within the previous release.

Please send your feedback now. In 2 weeks from now we will collect all
the response and write down the formal schedule.


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