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[Cluster-devel] cman init rework

Hi everybody,

I spent a bit of time cleaning cman init script to be a lot easier to
read (IMHO), more maintainable and ready to be expanded to fix some
outstanding issues.

major highlights:

- clean up all over
- grouping of functions
- made ready for extensions (specially at startup time)
- remove tons of duplicate stuff around
- try to standardize a bit the way of writing the shell script
- run in quiet/terse/full output mode

The final script is tons of times smaller than the whole patchset.

So I published a fabbione_cmaninit branch for people to look at history
of changes.

In attachment there is a copy of the new one.

Two notes (I know somebody is going to ask):

1) On startup (eg):

        start_daemon foo

all those wrappers look the same. It's preparation to extend them.

In our current startup sequence, we do start a daemon, we make sure it
starts, but we never check if it's actually working properly.

As time goes, and I also need feedback from different daemons
maintainer, those snippets will change to look like:

        start_daemon foo || return 1

similar to what we do with cman that we wait for quorum and we check
cman_is_running via cman_status.

Those checks will make our init script a lot more robust than it is now.

2) On shutdown (eg):

I did slow down the shutdown time by adding a sleep 1 after each kill
invokation. This will give a bit of time for each daemon to exit.
Note that the timer is configurable (see for example stop_qdiskd).

Please give it a shot and let me know.

I plan to land this one in master and stable3 sometime next week.

It's not a blocker for 3.0.0 final.


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