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[Cluster-devel] upcoming changes to the build systems (master/STABLE3)

Hi all,

I am planning to do a bit of cleaning in STABLE3 before final release.


First of all all the build warnings that are now enabled by
--enable_paranoia_cflags will become defaults for the whole stack.

This means that the few subsystems that are using -Werror need to be
either fixed or drop -Werror otherwise they will not build. I'd prefer
to opt for dropping -Werror as default in general as it's useful only
for developers.

Most of the tree has been cleaned or there are pending patches available
to make it clean. Hopefully I'll get around to propose patches for the 3
missing subsystems soon (gfs/gfs2/rgmanager).

This change will happen as soon as all subsystem have patches (either
proposed or in the tree).

Second, I want to switch the top level configure to autodetect some bits
via pkg-config since most of our dependencies now have that support.
For people that use non standard build location, nothing will change as
they will still need to use configure options as before. pkg-config will
only be used to detect defaults if no option has been specified instead
of relying on some hardcoded values in configure.

This change will happen probably next week (depending on how intrusive
some of the changes are).


for a little while master will desync from STABLE3. I don't plan to
waste my time forward porting STABLE3 changes into master.

master will be switched to use autoconf/automake and all those "fancy"
build tools by default. We will make a strong effort to use the same
requirements as for corosync and openais to make it easier for people to
use the same build environment.


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