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[Cluster-devel] STABLE3/master desync status (please review)

Hi guys,

this is just to keep a record of the status. Clearly some of the changes
in master should never be ported to STABLE3, and same is true the other
way around (this is no nag for resync ;)):

- init scripts:
 * stable3 has better init scripts
 * master needs to be reworked as we will change the stack. There is
very little point to forward port the script by meaning of cherry-pick.
Probably we will just do a one commit sync when we will open the real
master development.

- build system:
 * stable3 has some changes that have not been propagated to master
related to build flags and a few build options.
 * master will get them as we go converting from our custom build system
to autoconf/automake/libtool.

- build warnings
 * master needs to get some love as stable3 recently did, but it's not
urgent and the same warnings will show up again once we switch build
flags. cherry picking from stable3 will be fairly easy task.

- gfs2:
 * master did drop some old code and it's growing internationalization
 * stable3 could benefit from dropping the code and IMHO
internationalization could be backported once it's completed and tested
in master. This could be extended to other subsystems too.

- groupd/cpg related daemons:
 * master they have been converted to the new protocol and dropped
backward compatibility
 * stable3 should not receive those changes.

- cman:
 * master needs to be ported to new corosync API.
 * stable3 is done.

am I missing something from the radar?


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