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[Cluster-devel] cluster master trees moving to autoconf/automake/libtools

Hi all,

the new development trees have started moving towards a more standard
build system than the one we have in place now.

So far only cluster.git master branch has been converted to
autoconf/automake/libtools. The others will follow shortly.

Normal users don't have to worry about those tools, only developers that
need to bootstrap the trees do.

The script in attachment, kindly provided by Jim Meyering, will help to
build the correct versions of the tools. This script is the same as the
one that is used for corosync/openais autotools bootstrap process.
The only difference is that it builds libtools (2.2.7a) and more recent
version of automake.

Most if not all distributions have sufficiently recent tools except for
libtools. You can opt to build only what you really need by hacking the
top level section of the script.

Those tools can be used to build corosync/openais too. So there is no
problem whatsoever in that respect.

Just a few notes in the overall process:

- the bootstrap process is the same as corosync/openais.
- the variables for paths are the same (same sanity checks and
- in 99.9% of the case I believe you can use the same ./configure
invokation and you will achieve the expected results.
- not all config options from the old build system have been ported yet
as some of them makes none to little sense to me. If you feel that one
or more should be re-added please just let me know.

The conversion is "fresh" expect a few bugs. Keep in mind it's master :)

Let me know if it works/doesn't work so I can actually fix stuff around.


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