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[Cluster-devel] GFS2: ACL/xattr update patch set


After some testing and a few minor fixes, here is the current
GFS2 ACL/xattr patch set. I'd like to push this into the
GFS2 -nmw tree as soon as possible to ensure maxium test time
before the next merge window, so I hope to do that on Monday.

I'll send patch 7 via the VFS tree, since its independent of
the others. Patch 3 is the only other patch which affects code
outside of GFS2 itself, but I need that in -nmw since the other patches
depend upon it.

Also, wrt to merging of the quota patch series. I'm also intending
to do that shortly. There is the issue (for the netlink bit) of
whether that should go via the vfs tree, or via -nmw. I also need
to add an extra patch to that to make XFS work with the netlink
mechanism too, which I'll try and do shortly. In any case I can
merge up the rest of the patches, and leave the netlink bit if


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