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Re: [Cluster-devel] Re: fence-agents: master - fencing: New option '--missing-as-off' to return OFF is machine is missing

David Teigland wrote:
fencing: New option '--missing-as-off' to return OFF is machine is missing

If a blade is not present (i.e. removed for maintenance), the fence_bladecenter
cannot check the state as it is reported empty.

Resolves: bz#248006

--- a/fence/agents/bladecenter/fence_bladecenter.py
+++ b/fence/agents/bladecenter/fence_bladecenter.py
@@ -30,7 +30,10 @@ def get_power_status(conn, options):
 		i = conn.log_expect(options, [ node_cmd, "system>" ] , int(options["-Y"]))
 		if i == 1:
 			## Given blade number does not exist
-			fail(EC_STATUS)
+			if options.has_key("-M"):
+				return "off"
+			else:
+				fail(EC_STATUS)

I've never used bladecenter, so I don't know when a blade number doesn't
exist.  Does it reliably indicate that the blade is off?  If so, then
should we default to that without a new option?  If not, then this option
sounds bad, because it's effectively an automation of manual override, no?
Yes, it is reliable. We can turn it on as default but imho it will cause inconsistency on how fence agents works as all other refuse to work with port that does not exist. In general we can divide fence agents in several categories:

* iLO-like -> 1 machine we have to connect to --> if we can't connect we don't know if problem is in iLO or connection to machine * APC-like -> N machines connected to central device --> we can switch outlet ON/OFF and we don't have to care if there is something connected
* virtual machines -> we usually don't need to remove them for maintaince
* Blade-like -> unlike APC we can work only with machines that are connected - so maintainance can be problem

The typical issue with nodes removed for maintenance is that startup
fencing tries to fence them and can't, for any agent.  The solution to
that has always been manual override or removing the node from


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