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[Cluster-devel] GFS2: A quota of quota patches

This set of patches is a start towards the overall goal of making
the GFS2 quota system accessible via a generic interface. In this
case I've chosen the XFS style quota interface because it is closer
to GFS2's existing quota system in terms of features.

This patch set only makes a couple of operations accessible via
this new API. It will now be possible to do a quota sync and also to
query the current state of the quota subsytem via the XFS API. There
are one or two features which GFS2 doesn't support (such as separate quota
files for user and group quotas) which result in the same information
being returned to the user in both cases. I don't think this matters
too much as it should be obvious from the inode number that it is
the same inode.

The long term objective is to make enough of the quota operations
available via this API that we can close the bug (#298561) relating
to lack of quota management for GFS2 via NFS. Also we hope to
add support for netlink notification of quota events too
(bug #337691).

We have no plans to support the "project" feature of XFS quotas.
We might however split the on/off/account settings so that it is
possible to specify them separately for user and group quotas.

My plan is that these pactches should go into the -nmw git tree
early in the next cycle, but in the mean time, here is a "heads


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