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[Cluster-devel] fixing cpg names in 3.0.8?

I just discovered that the cpg group names that fenced, dlm_controld and
gfs_controld use in cluster3 include a nul within the name length.  This
can happen because cpg names have both a string part and a length part,
and the length is currently being set to strlen + 1 instead of strlen.
It's harmless since all the code is making the same mistake, but it's an
obvious flaw.

You can easily see this by the trailing \x00 from corosync-cpgtool,


If we fixed the length of the names, it would break internode
compatibility between 3.0.7 and 3.0.8 releases, e.g.

"fenced:default\x00" and "fenced:default" are two different groups.

AFAIK we're not yet guaranteeing rolling upgrade compatibility from one
3.0 release to the next, so I think I should go ahead and fix this, unless
anyone feels strongly otherwise?


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