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Re: [Cluster-devel] [PATCH] dlm_controld.pcmk: Fix membership change judging issue

On 5/14/2010 at 06:19 AM, Andrew Beekhof <andrew beekhof net> wrote: 
> Does the behavior still occur with pacemaker 1.1.2? 


For the record, the most minimal testcase I've managed for this
so far is as follows (substitute "/etc/init.d/corosync start" or
whatever for "rcopenais start" if you're not on something SUSE-based):

1) Configure corosync/openais on two nodes.
   Do not start the cluster yet.
2) On one node:

     # rm /var/lib/heartbeat/crm/*
     # rcopenais start
     # while ! crm_mon -1 | grep -qi online; do \
         echo -n "." ; sleep 5 ; done

3) Now we have one node online, configure Pacemaker:

     # cat <<CONF | crm configure
     primitive dlm ocf:pacemaker:controld
     primitive clvm ocf:lvm2:clvmd
     group g dlm clvm
     clone c g meta interleave="true"
     property stonith-enabled="false"
     property no-quorum-policy="ignore"

   Watch "crm_mon -r" until that clone comes online.
   Should only take a few seconds.
4) On the other node:

     # rm /var/lib/heartbeat/crm/*
     # rcopenais start

The first node will now either wedge up spectacularly, and/or
dlm_recoverd and clvmd will be stuck in D state on both nodes.



Tim Serong <tserong novell com>
Senior Clustering Engineer, OPS Engineering, Novell Inc.

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