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[Cluster-devel] "->ls_in_recovery" not released


We have got a two-node OCFS2 file system controlled by the pacemaker.
We do some robustness tests, e.g. blocking the access to the "other" node.
The "local" machine is blocked:

 PID: 15617  TASK: ffff880c77572d90  CPU: 38  COMMAND: "dlm_recoverd"
 #0 [ffff880c7cb07c30] schedule at ffffffff81452830
 #1 [ffff880c7cb07cf8] dlm_wait_function at ffffffffa03aaffb
 #2 [ffff880c7cb07d68] dlm_rcom_status at ffffffffa03aa3d9
 #3 [ffff880c7cb07db8] dlm_recover_members at ffffffffa03a58a3
 #4 [ffff880c7cb07e48] dlm_recoverd at ffffffffa03abc89
 #5 [ffff880c7cb07ee8] kthread at ffffffff810820f6
 #6 [ffff880c7cb07f48] kernel_thread at ffffffff8100d1aa

If either the monitor device closes, or someone sends down a "stop"
onto the control device, then "ls_recover()" goes to the "fail:" branch
without setting free "->ls_in_recovery".
As a result OCFS2 operations remain blocked, e.g.:

PID: 3385   TASK: ffff880876e69520  CPU: 1   COMMAND: "bash"
 #0 [ffff88087cb91980] schedule at ffffffff81452830
 #1 [ffff88087cb91a48] rwsem_down_failed_common at ffffffff81454c95
 #2 [ffff88087cb91a98] rwsem_down_read_failed at ffffffff81454e26
 #3 [ffff88087cb91ad8] call_rwsem_down_read_failed at ffffffff81248004
 #4 [ffff88087cb91b40] dlm_lock at ffffffffa03a17b2
 #5 [ffff88087cb91c00] user_dlm_lock at ffffffffa020d18e
 #6 [ffff88087cb91c30] ocfs2_dlm_lock at ffffffffa00683c2
 #7 [ffff88087cb91c40] __ocfs2_cluster_lock at ffffffffa04f951c
 #8 [ffff88087cb91d60] ocfs2_inode_lock_full_nested at ffffffffa04fd800
 #9 [ffff88087cb91df0] ocfs2_inode_revalidate at ffffffffa0507566
#10 [ffff88087cb91e20] ocfs2_getattr at ffffffffa050270b
#11 [ffff88087cb91e60] vfs_getattr at ffffffff8115cac1
#12 [ffff88087cb91ea0] vfs_fstatat at ffffffff8115cb50
#13 [ffff88087cb91ee0] vfs_stat at ffffffff8115cc9b
#14 [ffff88087cb91ef0] sys_newstat at ffffffff8115ccc4
#15 [ffff88087cb91f80] system_call_fastpath at ffffffff8100c172

"ls_recover()" includes several other cases when it simply goes
to the "fail:" branch without setting free "->ls_in_recovery" and
without cleaning up the inconsistent data left behind.

I think some error handling code is missing in "ls_recover()".
Have you modified the DLM since the RHEL 6.0?


Zoltan Menyhart

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