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Re: [Cluster-devel] [PATCH] gfs2-utils: Update .gitignore for i18n files

On 03/08/11 21:40, Carlos Maiolino wrote:
Maybe is a good idea to also add gfs2-utils.pot to this list. I believe we should
remove gfs2-utils.pot from the upstream git repo, and leave it to be auto created
at the compile time.
Leaving this on the tree (and also into the package when it is created), make the
gettext to bypass the creation of gfs2-utils.pot an rely on the one already created,
which can be not up2date since we are doing some changes on strings and adding another

What you guys think?

I think we need to keep gfs2-utils.pot in the git repo so that we have one single "master" translation template which should be used (by Transifex, translators, ...) to translate gfs2-utils.

When string changes occur (and once per release, minimum) we should regenerate the master gfs2-utils.pot and then merge those changes into the existing .po files and commit. That way we get full control over the current state of the single gfs2-utils.pot which is used by everyone.


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