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[Cluster-devel] mount.gfs2 obsolete upstream (scheduled to be removed)


Just a reminder that when Fedora 14 is no longer being updated, we
intend to remove mount.gfs2 from the upstream gfs2-utils source. There
should be no user visible changes beyond the removal of the utility when
this happens as kernels and gfs2_controld have been able to use the new
system for mounting for some time.

So this is just a heads up so that it isn't too much of a surprise when
it happens in a few months time.

Also scheduled for removal are gfs2_quota and gfs2_tool. Both of these
will be removed shortly after Fedora 17 is released. They are both
considered obsolete and alternatives have been available for some time.
In the case of gfs2_quota, that means the generic quota package that is
supplied with Fedora. In the case of gfs2_tool, that means tunegfs2 or
mount options, depending on which feature is required.

If there are any questions, please let us know,


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