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[Cluster-devel] patch for cluster 3.1.8's 'configure'

This patch fixes two small bugs in cluster's "configure" script;

1. When checking the x.y.z kernel version values, it changes the '!$foo'
to 'not defined $foo'. This is because a version number of '0' matches
"not" (!$foo). A safer but slower approach would be to do '$foo =~
/^\d+$/'. Not sure which is preferred.

2. Added a check where if 'x' in 'x.y.z' is greater in the detected
kernel than in the minimum required kernel, the test passes. This
handles 3.x kernels where the minimum is 2.y.

I tested this patch against Fedora 16 x86-64 and Ubuntu 11.10 amd64.

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Freenode handle:     digimer
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--- configure.orig	2011-12-02 00:20:04.513600907 -0500
+++ configure	2011-12-02 00:30:49.025600160 -0500
@@ -254,13 +254,14 @@
     close MAKEFILE;
     # Warn and continue if kernel version was not found
-    if (!$build_version || !$build_patchlevel || !$build_sublevel) {
+    if (not defined $build_version || not defined $build_patchlevel || not defined $build_sublevel) {
 	print " WARNING: Could not determine kernel version.\n";
 	print "          Build might fail!\n";
 	return 1;
     # checking VERSION, PATCHLEVEL and SUBLEVEL for the supplied kernel
-    if ($build_version >= $version[0] &&
+    if (($build_version > $version[0]) ||
+        $build_version == $version[0] &&
         $build_patchlevel >= $version[1] &&
         $build_sublevel >= $version[2]) {
       print " Current kernel version appears to be OK\n";

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