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[Cluster-devel] gfs2-utils 3.1.3 Released


gfs2-utils 3.1.3 has been released. This version features a large number of fsck.gfs2 improvements and bug fixes, more i18n-related improvements, and various bug fixes, refactoring work and code clean-ups. See below for a full list of changes.

The source tarball is available from:


To report bugs or issues, please use:



Andy Price
Red Hat File Systems

Changes since 3.1.2:

Abhijith Das (1):
      mount.gfs2 - gfs2 mounts doubled up in mtab

Andrew Price (16):
      mkfs: Handle gfs2 creation on regular files
      gfs2-utils: Update .gitignore for i18n files
      tunegfs2: Add some malloc error checking
      gfs2_edit: Initialize metafds fully in savemetaopen
      libgfs2: clean up some dead code in gfs2_writei
      libgfs2: Remove dead code from gfs2_get_leaf
      gfs_controld: Remove dead code from loop()
      gfs2_edit: Fix segfault in find by resource group
      libgfs2: Fix null pointer dereference in linked_leaf_search
      gfs2_edit: Fix zeroing the memory for indirect
      gfs_controld: Fix if-statement in shutdown_callback
      libgfs2: Fix pointer arithmetic in gfs2_quota_change_*
      libgfs2: Don't count sentinel dirent as an entry
      mkfs.gfs2: Some minor cleanups
      libgfs2: Improve rgblocks2bitblocks()
      gfs2-utils: Add gfs2-cluster systemd unit

Bob Peterson (68):
      fsck.gfs2: Make functions use sdp rather than sbp
      fsck.gfs2: Change "if(" to "if ("
      libgfs1: Add gfs1 variable to superblock structure
      libgfs2: Make check_sb and read_sb operate on gfs1
      libgfs2: move gfs1 structures to libgfs2
      fsck.gfs2: Check for blocks wrongly inside resource groups
      fsck.gfs2: Rename check_leaf to check_ealeaf_block
      fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Delete vestigial buffer_head in check_leaf
      fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Rename nlink functions to be intuitive
      fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Sync di_nlink adding links for lost+found
      fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Make dir entry count 32 bits
      fsck.gfs2: get rid of triple negative logic
      dirent_repair needs to mark the buffer as modified
      fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Ask to reclaim unlinked meta per-rgrp only
      fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Refactor add_dotdot function in lost+found
      libgfs2: libgfs2: Use __FUNCTION__ rather than __FILE__
      fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Don't stop invalidating blocks on invalid
      fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Find and clear duplicate leaf blocks refs
      fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Move check_num_ptrs from metawalk to pass1
      fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Duplicate ref processing for leaf blocks
      fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: split check_leaf_blks to be more readable
      fsck.gfs2: Shorten output
      fsck.gfs2: Make output messages more sensible
      fsck.gfs pass2: Refactor function set_dotdor_dir
      fsck.gfs2 pass2: Delete extended attributes with inode
      fsck.gfs2 pass2: Don't delete invalid inode metadata
      fsck.gfs2 pass3: Refactor mark_and_return_parent
      fsck.gfs2: misc cosmetic changes
      fsck.gfs2: Don't use old_leaf if it was a duplicate
      fsck.gfs2: Add find_remove_dup, free_block_if_notdup
      fsck.gfs2: don't free prev rgrp list repairing rgrps
      libgfs2: eliminate gfs1_readi in favor of gfs2_readi
      libgfs2: Mark buffer modified adding a new GFS1 block
      libgfs2: Use dinode buffer to map gfs1 dinode blocks
      libgfs2: move block_map functions to fsck.gfs2
      libgfs2: eliminate gfs1_rindex_read
      libgfs2: combine ri_update and gfs1_ri_update
      libgfs2: combine gfs_inode_read and gfs_inode_get
      libgfs2: move gfs1 functions from edit to libgfs2
      gfs2_edit savemeta: save_inode_data backward for gfs1
      libgfs2: expand capabilities to operate on gfs1
      fsck.gfs2: Combine block and char device inode types
      fsck.gfs2: four-step duplicate elimination process
      fsck.gfs2: Add ability to check gfs1 file systems
      fsck.gfs2: Remove bad inodes from duplicate tree
      fsck.gfs2: Handle duplicate reference to dinode blocks
      fsck.gfs2: Bad extended attributes not deleted
      libgfs2: Make rebuild functions not re-read ip
      fsck.gfs2: Shorten debug output
      fsck.gfs2: Increment link count reporting wrong dinode
      fsck.gfs2: system dinodes take priority over user dinodes
      fsck.gfs2: Recognize partially gfs2-converted dinodes
      fsck.gfs2: Print step 2 duplicate debug msg first
      fsck.gfs2: pass1c counts percentage backward
      fsck.gfs2: Speed up rangecheck functions
      libgfs2: Make in-core rgrps use rbtree
      fsck.gfs2: Fix memory leaks
      gfs2_edit: Fix memory leaks
      Change man pages and gfs2_convert messages to include GFS
      fsck.gfs2: Journals not properly checked
      fsck.gfs2: Rearrange block types to group all inode types
      fsck.gfs2: Fix initialization error return codes
      fsck.gfs2: Don't use strerror for libgfs2 errors
      fsck.gfs2: Fix memory leak in initialize.c
      fsck.gfs2: Add return code checks and initializations
      gfs2_edit: Fix segfault jumping within rindex
      libgfs2: Fix off-by-one error in rgrp searching
      gfs2-utils: gfs2_grow fails to grow a filesystem with less than 3 RGs

Carlos Maiolino (10):
      libgfs2: Add new RGSIZE macros
      mkfs: Change hardcoded numbers by new macro definitions
      i18n: strings review
      mkfs: Use rpmatch() to yes/no questions
      mkfs: Remove unneeded open/close fd test from are_you_sure()
      mkfs: remove duplicated code to ask yes/no question
      mkfs: fix error handling
      gfs2_grow: fix error handling, i18n strings
      gfs2_jadd: Fix error handlers
      fsck: Merge strings

David Teigland (2):
      gfs_controld: track membership changes
      gfs_controld: don't ignore dlmc_fs_register error

Steven Whitehouse (12):
      tunegfs2: Fix usage and ensure we don't try to open a null device
      tunegfs2: Fix label/locktable setting code
      libgfs2: Move generic_interrupt() into utils
      libgfs2: Move gfs2_getch into utils
      libgfs2: Prepare to remove log_xxx() macros from library
      libgfs2: Move some debug messages out into mkfs/fsck
      libgfs2: Clean up sb read/check functions
      libgfs2: Remove some more log_xxx calls
      libgfs2: Clean up device geometry code
      libgfs2: More unused bits (re)moved
      libgfs2: Remove more unused macros/functions
      gfs2_edit: Fix signal handling and window resize

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