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Re: [Cluster-devel] fencing citrix XenServer VM's

Well I seem to have a working script using the fencing.py library, however I did have to make a few minor changes.

To the all_opt array I added two options as follows:-
        "session_url" : {
                "getopt" : "s:",
                "longopt" : "session-url",
                "help" : "-s, --session-url                  URL to connect to XenServer on.",
                "required" : "1",
                "shortdesc" : "The URL of the XenServer host.",
                "order" : 1},
        "uuid" : {
                "getopt" : "u:",
                "longopt" : "uuid",
                "help" : "-u, --uuid                  UUID of the VM to fence.",
                "required" : "1",
                "shortdesc" : "The UUID of the VM to fence.",
                "order" : 1}

Is this ok to be added to fencing.py, or should I be customising/appending this in my script?

Also the following line is preventing my "list" function from working:-

if (options["-o"] == "list") and (0 == options["device_opt"].count("port")) and (0 == options["device_opt"].count("partition"))

Not knowing the library well enough, I don't know what the above if statement is trying to catch. The result is my list action prints out "N/A". I have temporarily short circuited this statement (and'ing with 0 at the end) and it all works for me, so I just need to know what this is safeguarding to know what my version of the check should be. I would expect a count of zero "ports" and "partitions" in the options array when trying the "list" action... So I must be missing the point here.

I just realised that no-one is going to be able to use the Red Hat version of my script on the google code site as I haven't included a fencing.py library with the above changes.... Lol, serves my right for late night coding.

Some direction would be appreciated :)


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