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Re: [Cluster-devel] 2.6.37 - GFS2 trouble

> Quotad is often the first victim of any slow down or problem on GFS2
> since it runs periodically (even if you are not using quotas, it also
> looks after statfs too).
> So I can't tell directly from that information what is wrong. I'd
> suggest taking glock dumps (via debugfs) as a first step. Grabbing
> backtraces of the glock_workqueue and other processes using gfs2 is
> probably the next step, and if that fails to point the way, the gfs2
> tracepoints are the next thing to look at,
Hello Steven,
Thanks a lot for Your reply and sorry for mine late one. I haven't been able 
to reproduce the problem yet, now I'm running 2.6.37 without problems.
When it happens again, I'll dump locks and report again.
Have a nice day!

> Steve.
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