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Re: [Cluster-devel] Eaton fence agent and more power devices support


Arnaud Quette wrote:
Hi Marek and the list,

First of all, happy new year to you all: health, happiness and ... high availability ;-)

I've just derived a fence_eaton_snmp script, based on fence_apc_snmp.
You'll find attached the diff against the latest fence-agents repository.

This has been tested with the suitable hardware (Eaton Managed ePDU): http://www.epdu.com
Can you please merge this for the next cman releases.

Finally, I was able to review your code. I have few minor suggestions how to make code be better but we can solve that later. But I can do that later when we will have an access to this device. Fence agent will be part of the next fence-agents package.

As a side note, I'm thinking about:
- making one fence_pdu_snmp to group all this code (sysOID brings the smartness of knowing which data should be used), or at least create some common grounds to factorize code,

- making a fence_nut_devices (or fence_power_devices) to use NUT [1] to do the same for all supported serial / USB / SNMP / HTTP devices (ie UPS, PDU and SCD).

I'm not against unfication but at least for power fencing - most of the shared code is already in fencing library and some agents differs a lot. Benefit of this simple agents is that we can't break anything else :) and code is already simple/small enough. In the case of SNMP based fence agents, it is possible that now as we have several such agents we can try to implement general solution.


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