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[Cluster-devel] new resource agents repository commit policy

Hello everybody,

It's time to figure out how to maintain the new Resource Agents
repository. Fabio and I already discussed this a bit in IRC.
There are two options:

a) everybody gets an account at github.com and commit rights,
   where everybody is all people who had commit rights to
   linux-ha.org and rgmanager agents repositories.

b) several maintainers have commit rights and everybody else
   sends patches to a ML; then one of the maintainers does a
   review and commits the patch (or pulls it from the author's

Option a) incurs a bit less overhead and that's how our old
repositories worked. Option b) gives, at least nominally, more
control to the select group of maintainers, but also places even
more burden on them.

We are open for either of these.


Fabio and Dejan

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