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[Cluster-devel] GFS2: Inode/link count patch set


Here are a bunch of patches designed to clean up the way in which
GFS2 deals with link counts and to unify the inode code. The major
features are:

 o Approx 200 lines of code less after these patches
 o Merged rmdir and unlink code (since it was nearly identical anyway)
 o Cleaned up link count handling for mkdir/rmdir
 o All inode code is in inode.c after this patch set
   (inode.c code is moved to various places, ops_inode.c is renamed as

I've done a bit of testing with ln, mv, touch, mkdir, rmdir etc and so
far it seems to be holding up ok. I've been checking the link counts
at each step to ensure that they are correct and so far that looks good

It should be easier to understand the code after this change since we now
update the link counts of directories at the point at which subdirectory
names are added and removed from them, rather than doing it as a separate
operation as we used to do. So it should be more efficient from a cpu
time PoV, although I've not tried to measure that yet.


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