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Re: [Cluster-devel] [PATCH] libgfs2: Improve rgblocks2bitblocks()

On 18/11/11 20:52, Bob Peterson wrote:
----- Original Message -----
| This patch reworks the rgblocks2bitblocks function which was
| inefficient, difficult to read and generally unwieldy.
| As this is core code from the days of yore and fsck.gfs2 depends on
| it,
| I made sure to test the new function extensively, comparing its
| outputs
| with the original function over a large range of values for rgblocks
| (up
| to 195312500) and valid block sizes between 512 and 4096.
| All call points have been updated and, as a nice side effect, the run
| time of the function is greatly reduced.
| Signed-off-by: Andrew Price<anprice redhat com>
| +	while (blks_rgrp + blks_meta * bitblocks<  ((rgblocks - bitblocks)


The patch looks good. There's only thing I'd do differently:
I know the implied arithmetic operator order is correct, but
I still prefer to see parens around statements like the above
just for clarity. e.g.

+	while (blks_rgrp + (blks_meta * bitblocks)<  ((rgblocks - bitblocks)

I guess that's more of a style thing.

Yeah, it is more readable that way, I'll change it.


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