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Re: [Cluster-devel] [fence-virt PATCH] backend plugin for monitoring a host's status

Hi, Andrew

We (NTT) will participate in the HA Mini-Conference,
please let we explain at that time.

Best Regards

(2011/10/12 10:40), Andrew Beekhof wrote:
Was making host connectivity information available to the guests the
goal here or just something to demonstrate the concept?
Interesting idea :-)

2011/10/5 Kazunori INOUE<inouekazu intellilink co jp>:
Hi all,

I think that the communication function of fence-virt is flexible,
so I want to use it more effectively.

Therefore I made backend plugin for a guest to get the host's status
using the communication facility of fence-virt,
and I changed to allow specifying one more backend (for fencing, and
replying the host's status).

I created the backend "pm-monitor" which has met the following
configurations / requirements.
- Both hosts and VMs, cluster (Pacemaker) have been configured.

Here's an overview of function. Please refer to attached 'overview.png'.
(*) pingd resource notifies the status of connection with a specific
    host to pacemaker, and pacemaker manages the result.
(1) resource (vm-client) which requires the host's status is executed.
(2) vm-client requests 'host_status (result of pingd)' to the host
    with fence_virt.
(3) use the serial listener,
(4) fence_virtd (pm-monitor backend) gets the 'result of pingd' from
    pacemaker and answers it after conversion.
    - the conversion rule is set in /etc/pm-monitor.conf

Here's a description of the attached files.
* add_general_backend.patch
  - add the server/pm-fence.c
  - change the configure.in and server/Makefile.in
* overview.png
  - figure of the overview.
* vm-client
  - Resource Agent for VM.
  - I'm going to post this RA to the appropriate community
* fence_virt.conf
  - sample configuration.
* pm-monitor.conf
  - sample configuration for pm-monitor.so

* host.cli, mon-host.txt
  - sample configuration file of a host cluster,
    and mon-host.txt is an output of the crm_mon command.
* VM.cli, mon-VM.txt
  - sample configuration file of a VM cluster,
    and mon-VM.txt is an output of the crm_mon command.

Best Regards

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