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[Cluster-devel] GFS2 git trees


So after a week of waiting, I've been told that I don't meet the
criteria for a kernel.org account as my key has not yet been signed by
enough people. I still don't know how many "enough" actually is as
they've declined to say.

I have managed to get my key signed by a number of people though, and
there is a complete (short) chain back to hpa, so I thought that would
be enough, but it seems not.

So.... I've set up on a temporary basis a couple of repos at the
following URLs from which it should be possible to pull by http at
least. Its not ideal, but it is better than nothing.


Depending on how things go, we may get gitweb set up there too at some
stage. For those who may be wondering, this is the same Swansea
University Computer Society whose name used to appear in the boot
messages of the networking code.

There is nothing in the -fixes tree at the moment, but there may well be
the odd patch moving into there shortly.

I'm also going to continue to follow up on getting my key signed so that
maybe I'll meet whatever the criteria are that are required by
kernel.org at some stage too,


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