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[Cluster-devel] [PATCH 00/66] fsck.gfs2: add ability to fix GFS (gfs1) file systems

This big set of 66 patches are cross-written from upstream to RHEL6.
It allows RHEL6's fsck.gfs2 to operate on GFS1 file systems.
There are many reasons to do that. This is for bugzilla #675723.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

[PATCH 01/66] fsck.gfs2: Make functions use sdp rather than sbp
[PATCH 02/66] fsck.gfs2: Change "if(" to "if ("
[PATCH 03/66] libgfs1: Add gfs1 variable to superblock structure
[PATCH 04/66] libgfs2: Make check_sb and read_sb operate on gfs1
[PATCH 05/66] libgfs2: move gfs1 structures to libgfs2
[PATCH 06/66] fsck.gfs2: Check for blocks wrongly inside resource
[PATCH 07/66] fsck.gfs2: Rename check_leaf to check_ealeaf_block
[PATCH 08/66] fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Delete vestigial buffer_head in
[PATCH 09/66] fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Rename nlink functions to be
[PATCH 10/66] fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Sync di_nlink adding links for
[PATCH 11/66] fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Make dir entry count 32 bits
[PATCH 12/66] fsck.gfs2: get rid of triple negative logic
[PATCH 13/66] dirent_repair needs to mark the buffer as modified
[PATCH 14/66] fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Ask to reclaim unlinked meta
[PATCH 15/66] fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Refactor add_dotdot function in
[PATCH 16/66] libgfs2: libgfs2: Use __FUNCTION__ rather than
[PATCH 17/66] fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Don't stop invalidating blocks
[PATCH 18/66] fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Find and clear duplicate leaf
[PATCH 19/66] fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Move check_num_ptrs from
[PATCH 20/66] fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: Duplicate ref processing for
[PATCH 21/66] fsck.gfs2: fsck.gfs2: split check_leaf_blks to be more
[PATCH 22/66] fsck.gfs2: Shorten output
[PATCH 23/66] fsck.gfs2: Make output messages more sensible
[PATCH 24/66] fsck.gfs pass2: Refactor function set_dotdot_dir
[PATCH 25/66] fsck.gfs2 pass2: Delete extended attributes with inode
[PATCH 26/66] fsck.gfs2 pass2: Don't delete invalid inode metadata
[PATCH 27/66] fsck.gfs2 pass3: Refactor mark_and_return_parent
[PATCH 28/66] fsck.gfs2: misc cosmetic changes
[PATCH 29/66] fsck.gfs2: Don't use old_leaf if it was a duplicate
[PATCH 30/66] fsck.gfs2: Add find_remove_dup, free_block_if_notdup
[PATCH 31/66] fsck.gfs2: don't free prev rgrp list repairing rgrps
[PATCH 32/66] libgfs2: eliminate gfs1_readi in favor of gfs2_readi
[PATCH 33/66] libgfs2: Mark buffer modified adding a new GFS1 block
[PATCH 34/66] libgfs2: Use dinode buffer to map gfs1 dinode blocks
[PATCH 35/66] libgfs2: move block_map functions to fsck.gfs2
[PATCH 36/66] libgfs2: eliminate gfs1_rindex_read
[PATCH 37/66] libgfs2: combine ri_update and gfs1_ri_update
[PATCH 38/66] libgfs2: combine gfs_inode_read and gfs_inode_get
[PATCH 39/66] libgfs2: move gfs1 functions from edit to libgfs2
[PATCH 40/66] gfs2_edit savemeta: save_inode_data backward for gfs1
[PATCH 41/66] libgfs2: expand capabilities to operate on gfs1
[PATCH 42/66] fsck.gfs2: Combine block and char device inode types
[PATCH 43/66] fsck.gfs2: four-step duplicate elimination process
[PATCH 44/66] fsck.gfs2: Add ability to check gfs1 file systems
[PATCH 45/66] fsck.gfs2: Remove bad inodes from duplicate tree
[PATCH 46/66] fsck.gfs2: Handle duplicate reference to dinode blocks
[PATCH 47/66] fsck.gfs2: Bad extended attributes not deleted
[PATCH 48/66] libgfs2: Make rebuild functions not re-read ip
[PATCH 49/66] fsck.gfs2: Shorten debug output
[PATCH 50/66] fsck.gfs2: Increment link count reporting wrong dinode
[PATCH 51/66] fsck.gfs2: system dinodes take priority over user
[PATCH 52/66] fsck.gfs2: Recognize partially gfs2-converted dinodes
[PATCH 53/66] fsck.gfs2: Print step 2 duplicate debug msg first
[PATCH 54/66] fsck.gfs2: pass1c counts percentage backward
[PATCH 55/66] fsck.gfs2: Speed up rangecheck functions
[PATCH 56/66] libgfs2: Make in-core rgrps use rbtree
[PATCH 57/66] fsck.gfs2: Fix memory leaks
[PATCH 58/66] Change man pages and gfs2_convert messages to include
[PATCH 59/66] gfs2_edit: Fix memory leaks
[PATCH 60/66] fsck.gfs2: Journals not properly checked
[PATCH 61/66] fsck.gfs2: Rearrange block types to group all inode
[PATCH 62/66] fsck.gfs2: Fix initialization error return codes
[PATCH 63/66] fsck.gfs2: Don't use strerror for libgfs2 errors
[PATCH 64/66] fsck.gfs2: Fix memory leak in initialize.c
[PATCH 65/66] fsck.gfs2: Add return code checks and initializations
[PATCH 66/66] libgfs2: Fix null pointer dereference in

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