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Re: [Cluster-devel] cluster.cman.nodename vanish on config reload

> >> This lead directly to commit f3f4499d4ace7a3bf5fe09ce6d9f04ed6d8958f6
> >>
> >> But this is just the check you introduced. If I revert that patch,
> >> everything works as before, but I noticed that It still deletes the
> >> values from the corosync objdb after config reload - even in 3.1.8!
> >>
> >> Both cluster.cman.nodename and cluster.cman.cluster_id get removed.
> >>
> >> Testing with earlier versions now.
> >
> > That even happens with 3.1.4 (cant test easily with older versions).
> >
> > Any ideas?
> No, not yet, but what kind of operational problem do you get? does it affect
> runtime? if so how?

I cannot change/reload the configuration  with commit f3f4499d4ace7a3bf5fe09ce6d9f04ed6d8958f6

When I revert that commit everything works fine.

I just wonder why those values get removed from the corosync objdb?

Note: You added that check, so I guess it has negative side effects when there is no nodename (why did you add that check)?

- Dietmar

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