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Re: [Cluster-devel] when do I need to start cpglockd

On 6/19/2012 8:54 AM, Dietmar Maurer wrote:
>>> Yes, and that script 'unconditionally' (always) starts cpglockd
>> Nothing wrong with that. If you ask a daemon to start it will start :)
> For me this is wrong. I have to maintain a debian package, and I do not want to start
> unnecessary daemons. So I simply remove that dependency.

If Debian handling of daemons has changed, then the change is debian
specific, it doesn´t make it a bug for all distributions.

Last I checked if I run:

apt-get install bind9 -> bind9 will start automatically. Or for that
matter also apache2 or....

The init scripts we deliver are "as generic as possible", it doesn´t
mean that they fit everything everywhere.

And then again, expressing an order is correct. If "Required-Start"
behavior in Debian is different than in other distro (I can speak for
Fedora/RHEL here), then clearly there needs to be some distro specific


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