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Re: [Cluster-devel] when do I need to start cpglockd

> As you can see, rgmanager is on, cpglockd off.

I see.
> At boot rgmanager starts fine, without cpglockd running.
> I think the problem here is the interpretation of the LSB specifications
> between different distributions. I am not going to argue which one is right or
> wrong but the key issue is here:
> "An init.d shell script may declare using the "Required-Start: " header that it
> shall not be run until certain boot facilities are provided.
> This information is used by the installation tool or the boot-time boot-script
> execution facility to assure that init scripts are run in the correct order."
> In the fedora world that means that if cpglockd is enabled (via chkconfig), the
> Required-Start: make sure that cpglockd is started before rgmanager, always.
> It is possible that other distributions might interpret that as:
> "cpglockd must be started even if disabled" when rgmanager
> Required-Start: cpglockd and rgmanager is enabled.
> So based on the platform I use for testing/development, the daemon does
> not start unless it is necessary :)

OK, I was not aware of that.

Many thanks for that detailed reply!

- Dietmar

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