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Re: [Cluster-devel] Setgid not preserved in GFS2 with ACL

Hi Steve, hi all,

Thank you for your reply.

Le 30/04/2012 12:23, Steven Whitehouse a écrit :
It sounds like that might be a bug. If you can open a fedora rawhide
bug, assuming that you are not a Red Hat customer, at Red Hat's
bugzilla, then that will ensure that this doesn't get forgotten. Please
note exactly which kernel version(s) you are using and as much other
detail as possible.

We are Redhat customers and to track this bug, I created that :
but I doubt this may be publicly accessible (according to what I understand, *you* will be able to read it, but anyway, this is a Cc of my primary mail). I will add details (kernel, gfs2 version, etc...)

Some other info which may help: Samba is supported on RHEL only in an
active/passive failover configuration, except on RHEL 6.2 and above
where it is supported in active/active.

Ambiguity for me is that here, I'm using Redhat products (ctdb, GFS2, cman suite) on an Ubuntu server. But I sincerely doubt this makes a difference : the issue here lies on GFS2 (I strongly suppose).

If you are a Red Hat customer, then please report this issue via our
support team in the first instance.

Also, are you doing the tests when running as the same user on gfs2 and

Yes, this has been tested with the same users (root and bob).

PS : I am sincerely astonished this case has not been met before, as the GFS2 with ACLs sounded to me quite common, but I may be wrong.

Nicolas Ecarnot

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