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[Cluster-devel] cluster4 dlm dlm_stonith – sh ould it really fence by turning node off?


The dlm_stonith fencing helper is really convenient when Pacemaker is in
use. Though, it doesn't quite work as I would expect – when fencing 
is needed it requests a node to be turned off instead of rebooting. And
it doesn't handle unfencing – so automatic recovery is not possible
(rebooted node could join the cluster cleanly later, provided quorum
handling is properly configured in the cluster stack).

Preferably this behaviour should be configurable. I have hacked a
work-around by (ab)using argv[0] – when 'dlm_stonith' is called as
'dlm_stonith_reboot' the node would be rebooted instead of halting 
– this works for me well-enough, but I don't think this is the right

Any ideas how to solve that properly? An argument for the helper to be
included in the config file? Or, maybe, just change the default


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