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[Cluster-devel] announcement: resource-agents release 3.9.4


We've tagged today (Nov 22) a new resource-agents release (3.9.4)
in the upstream repository.

Some highlights for the Linux-HA resource agents set:

- ocf-rarun: support for resource agents, reduces code complexity
  and number of software errors

- zabbixserver: new resource agent

- IPaddr2: partial rewrite and support for IPv6

- iscsi: support for auto recovery and performance improvements

- mysql-proxy: numerous improvements, features, and fixes

- Raid1: support for multiple arrays (configured in parameters)

- tools: replace the findif binary by findif.sh

- Raid1 ocft test case

The full list of changes for the linux-ha RA set is available in

The rgmanager resource agents set received mainly bug fixes.

Please upgrade at the earliest opportunity.


The resource-agents maintainers

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