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Re: [Cluster-devel] Fence agents - supported fence devices in next major release

On 11/25/2012 02:55 PM, Marek Grac wrote:
> Hi,
> In next major version of fence agents we would like to include only
> those fence agents which are used and can be tested. We have access to
> various fence devices but there is still need for more and we would like
> to include you and your hardware in testing process. Testing process
> will follow of creating simple configuration file for your device
> (almost copy&paste from cluster.conf) and running simple script (< 5
> minutes). We believe that with yours help we will be able to test more
> devices and make upstream code even better.
> We are looking for these fence devices (and their owners) used by
> following fence agents:
>     * fence_baytech
>     * fence_bullpap
>     * fence_vixel
>     * fence_zvm
>     * fence_cpint
>     * fence_rackswitch
>     * fence_brocade
>     * fence_mcdata
> Thanks for you help. If you would like to help with testing please send
> me a mail directly.

We can probably drop fence_na too from this list. Hardware has not made
production and I don't think it will happen in any short time.



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