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Re: [Cluster-devel] fence daemon problems

> The intention of that is to prevent an inquorate node/partition from killing a
> quorate group of nodes that are running normally.  e.g. if a 5 node cluster is
> partitioned into 2/3 or 1/4.  You don't want the 2 or 1 node group to fence
> the 3 or 4 nodes that are fine.

sure, I understand that.
> The difficult cases, which I think you're seeing, are partitions where no group
> has quorum, e.g. 2/2.  In this case we do nothing, and the user has to resolve
> it by resetting some of the nodes

The problem with that is that those 'difficult' cases are very likely. For example
a switch reboot results in that state if you do not have redundant network (yes,
I know that this setup is simply wrong).

And things get worse, because it is not possible to reboot such nodes, because 
rgmanager shutdown simply hangs. Is there any way to avoid that, so that it is at 
least possible to reboot those nodes?

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