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Re: [Cluster-devel] [PATCH 2/2] checkquorum.wdmd: add integration script with wdmd

On 10/10/2012 6:26 AM, Dietmar Maurer wrote:
>> +# rpm based distros
>> +[ -d /etc/sysconfig ] && \
>> +	[ -f /etc/sysconfig/checkquorum ] && \
>> +	. /etc/sysconfig/checkquorum
>> +
>> +# deb based distros
>> +[ ! -d /etc/sysconfig ] && \
>> +	[ -f /etc/default/checkquorum ] && \
>> +	. /etc/default/checkquorum
>> +
> FYI: Some RAID tool vendors delivers utilities for debian which creates directory '/etc/sysconfig'
> on debian boxes, so that test is not reliable.

This might be a controversial argument.

Debian policy (1) define the use of /etc/default as "should" (2), for
conffile such as this one. On the other side it does not explicitly
forbid the use of sysconfig.

sysconfig is not found anywhere in Debian default archive because
packages to use the formal *should* policy.

If third-party applications don´t follow Debian packaging guidelines, it
is possible that they might break other components as well.

Of course we can argue on the definition of "should" forever and ever :)

As upstream we follow basic guidelines, distribution packagers and
porters should (pun intended ;)) make sure to provide us with porting
patches (that´s also part of the Debian Maintainer duty).


1) http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-opersys.html
   Section 9.3.2

"To ease the burden on the system administrator, such configurable values
 should not be placed directly in the script.
 Instead, they should be placed in a file in /etc/default, ...."

2) http://www.thefreedictionary.com/should
 should  (shd)
  aux.v. Past tense of shall
  1. Used to express obligation or duty

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