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Re: [Cluster-devel] bug reports

Am 24.10.2012 13:00, schrieb Steven Whitehouse:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 2012-10-24 at 12:38 +0200, Heiko Nardmann wrote:
>> Hi together!
>> Since all (or almost all?) GFS2 developers (as far as I can tell) are
>> employed by RedHat I wonder whether it makes sense to additionally post
>> bug reports to this mailing list beside reporting them to the RH support?
>> Kind regards,
>>     Heiko
> It depends what the reports are really... for those with subscriptions
> and who are Red Hat customers, then using our official support channels
> is the best way. That is not to preclude discussing the issue on mailing
> lists too, if you want to, but by going through our official support
> channels that does ensure that issues are handled in a timely manner.
> Using systems like our ticketing system and/or bugzilla means that we
> have bugs in a filing system where we can keep track of them, and where
> we can look for common features (sometimes, being able to see several
> different reports of the same bug, but on different configurations can
> be very helpful in tracking things down). By contrast issues posted to
> mailing lists can be more easily lost track of, even though they are
> likely to reach a wider audience which can be an advantage if the issue
> is something which another user already has experience of.
> This particular list however, is intended for development discussion, so
> thats mostly at the level of proposed patches for both bugs and new
> features. So if you have a patch which fixes a bug in the upstream code,
> then do please feel free to post it here whether or not you've opened a
> bug for it,
> Steve.
Hi Steven!

Since I am busy with the other tasks inside the current project I have
no time to understand and check the code - so no fixes have to be
expected from my side. It is just that I am experiencing bugs and maybe
someone has an idea. Or is experienced enough with the code to almost
immediately know what might be the reason for it.

Currently I am in the state that the RH support recommended running the
debug kernel of RHEL to maybe get further details (I am using 6.1). My
setup is a two-node cluster (HA) using GFS2 to access a SAN. I have
tried to run a worst case scenario for GFS2, i.e.

1) create traffic on the active node (thus leading to traffic on the SAN)
2) run an endless loop of 'find /SAN-Storage -ls' on the passive node
for some minutes
3) stopping the endless loop on the passive node
4) unmounting /SAN-Storage on the passive node

This sequence has lead to a crash of the passive node almost immediately
after typing 'umount /SAN-Storage' and pressing 'Enter'. First I get the
following on the console (being logged into the machine using SSH):

Message from syslogd....
 kernel:general protection fault: 0000 [#1] SMP

 kernel:last sysfs file:
Write failed: Broken pipe

Then I see a kernel panic on the iDRAC6 console; I've captured a
screenshot of the stack trace if someone is interested. Sorry, no kdump
vmcore gets created in this situation.

Since I am currently considering switching away from GFS2 (being too
unstable) and instead using ext4 on the SAN (and handle mounting
explicitly of it on our own) the experienced problems might get lost
otherwise if not reported here (IMHO).

Kind regards,


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