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[Cluster-devel] [PATCH 00/42] fsck.gfs2 fixes and improvements


Here is a set of patches I wrote for fsck.gfs2. These are mostly bug fixes,
but there are some cleanups as well. The two biggest bug fixes are:

(1) Directory hash tables and leaf blocks are now properly checked and fixed,
    rather than patched up.
(2) Handling of duplicate block references has been reworked to make better

[PATCH 01/42] libgfs2: externalize dir_split_leaf
[PATCH 02/42] libgfs2: allow dir_split_leaf to receive a leaf buffer
[PATCH 03/42] libgfs2: let dir_split_leaf receive a "broken" lindex
[PATCH 04/42] fsck.gfs2: Move function find_free_blk to util.c
[PATCH 05/42] fsck.gfs2: Split out function to make sure lost+found
[PATCH 06/42] fsck.gfs2: Check for formal inode mismatch when adding
[PATCH 07/42] fsck.gfs2: shorten some debug messages in lost+found
[PATCH 08/42] fsck.gfs2: Move basic directory entry checks to
[PATCH 09/42] fsck.gfs2: Add formal inode check to basic dirent
[PATCH 10/42] fsck.gfs2: Add new function to check dir hash tables
[PATCH 11/42] fsck.gfs2: Special case '..' when processing bad
[PATCH 12/42] fsck.gfs2: Move function to read directory hash table
[PATCH 13/42] fsck.gfs2: Misc cleanups
[PATCH 14/42] fsck.gfs2: Verify dirent hash values correspond to
[PATCH 15/42] fsck.gfs2: re-read hash table if directory height or
[PATCH 16/42] fsck.gfs2: fix leaf blocks, don't try to patch the
[PATCH 17/42] fsck.gfs2: check leaf depth when validating leaf
[PATCH 18/42] fsck.gfs2: small cleanups
[PATCH 19/42] fsck.gfs2: reprocess inodes when blocks are added
[PATCH 20/42] fsck.gfs2: Remove redundant leaf depth check
[PATCH 21/42] fsck.gfs2: link dinodes that only have extended
[PATCH 22/42] fsck.gfs2: Add clarifying message to duplicate
[PATCH 23/42] fsck.gfs2: separate function to calculate metadata
[PATCH 24/42] fsck.gfs2: Rework the "undo" functions
[PATCH 25/42] fsck.gfs2: Check for interrupt when resolving
[PATCH 26/42] fsck.gfs2: Consistent naming of struct duptree
[PATCH 27/42] fsck.gfs2: Keep proper counts when duplicates are
[PATCH 28/42] fsck.gfs2: print metadata block reference on data
[PATCH 29/42] fsck.gfs2: print block count values when fixing them
[PATCH 30/42] fsck.gfs2: Do not invalidate metablocks of dinodes
[PATCH 31/42] fsck.gfs2: Log when unrecoverable data block errors
[PATCH 32/42] fsck.gfs2: don't remove buffers from the list when
[PATCH 33/42] fsck.gfs2: Don't flag GFS1 non-dinode blocks as
[PATCH 34/42] fsck.gfs2: externalize check_leaf
[PATCH 35/42] fsck.gfs2 pass2: check leaf blocks when fixing hash
[PATCH 36/42] fsck.gfs2: standardize check_metatree return codes
[PATCH 37/42] fsck.gfs2: don't invalidate files with duplicate data
[PATCH 38/42] fsck.gfs2: check for duplicate first references
[PATCH 39/42] fsck.gfs2: When flagging a duplicate reference, show
[PATCH 40/42] fsck.gfs2: major duplicate reference reform
[PATCH 41/42] fsck.gfs2: Remove all bad eattr blocks
[PATCH 42/42] fsck.gfs2: Remove unused variable


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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