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Re: [Cluster-devel] [PATCH] gfs2_grow: Don't try to open an empty string

On 09/08/13 10:41, Steven Whitehouse wrote:

On Thu, 2013-08-08 at 18:02 +0100, Andrew Price wrote:
sdp->device_name wasn't getting set in gfs2_grow so is_gfs2() (called
via check_for_gfs2()) fails to open "" and so we get an ENOENT.

This fixes the open("") by setting sdp->device_name before passing it to
is_pathname_mounted(), which has been updated to make it more clear
which args will be modified by it.

is_gfs2() and check_for_gfs2() have also been removed from libgfs2 as
these were the only places they were being called and they aren't
needed: superblock checking is done further along via other functions
calling check_sb().

Definitely an improvement over what we had before, but I wonder whether
we can do better still. Is the fd always open before we call
is_pathname_mounted() I wonder? If so we should be able to just pass the
fd to it which reduces the possibility for races I think, and may also
simplify things a bit more,

Well the problem here is that we don't know whether the path is a device or a mount point (gfs2_{grow,jadd} accept both) beforehand so any open before is_pathname_mounted() is called is going to be a guess.

I think we probably can improve on this function in the process of making libgfs2 more fd-centric but it'll take a bit more work so I'll come back to that later and push this patch independently as it solves a problem that's currently holding up testing.


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