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Re: [Cluster-devel] Fence agent for Tripplite PDU

On 12/16/2013 05:10 PM, Bogdan Dobrelya wrote:

As far as I was testing my Tripplite PDU device with standard fence agents, I've tried to find any suitable agent for it (fence_apc, fence_apc_snmp) but didn't succeed. That's why I've played with cmd-prompt and ssh-options of fence_apc agent mentioned above.

But I've managed to succeed with customized fence_pdu_snmp (not with fence_pdu tho) agent I created from fence_apc_snmp with minimal changes (fixed OIDs and that is almost all). I'd like to propose this fence_pdu_snmp agent as well (tested with PDUMH20HVNET 12.04.0055 (snmp v1,v2c,v3) device). See a patch in attachement, targeted for RHEL6 branch. I believe, it might be compatible with any switched PDU devices, if slightly modified.

If the only modification was done in OIDs, I will prefer to include it into fence_apc_snmp. We have already used a symlinks to run fence agents with different default options and I believe we can use same approach there as well (e.g. fence_ilo3 / fence_ipmilan). Can you take a look at current upstream version and test it there? Ideally check if it will work without additional switches or we should implement there a variable which will be set only for tripplite and not for apc.


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