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[Cluster-devel] announcement: resource-agents release 3.9.5


We've tagged today (Feb 7) a new stable resource-agents release
(3.9.5) in the upstream repository.

Big thanks go to all contributors! Needless to say, without you
this release would not be possible.

The Linux-HA resource agents set changes consist mainly of bug
fixes and a few improvements and new features. The most
important fix is for the missing unsolicited ARPs issue in

The following two features are worth mentioning too:

- support for RA tracing (see the README file for more details);
  your favourite UI should provide a way to turn trace on/off

- pgsql: support starting as Hot Standby

The full list of changes for the linux-ha RA set is available in


The rgmanager resource agents set received mainly bug fixes.

Please upgrade at the earliest opportunity.


The resource-agents maintainers

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