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[Cluster-devel] gfs2-utils 3.1.6 Released


gfs2-utils 3.1.6 has been released. Notable changes include:

- A large number of improvements and bug fixes in fsck.gfs2, bringing the ability to fix a wider range of issues.

- mkfs.gfs2 now aligns resource groups to RAID stripes, automatically if it can, or by using new options (see the man page). It also now uses far fewer resources to create larger file systems.

- There is a new test suite, which can be run with 'make check'. The suite is quite small at the moment but we will be adding more tests in due course.

- gfs_controld has been retired, as it hasn't been required since Linux 3.3.

- Documentation has been improved and a doc/README.contributing file has been added to aid anybody interested in contributing to gfs2-utils.

See below for a full list of changes. The source tarball is available from:


Please test, and do make sure to report bugs, whether they're crashers or typos. Please file them against the gfs2-utils component of Fedora (rawhide):



Andy Price
Red Hat File Systems

Changes since 3.1.5:

Andrew Price (55):
      libgfs2: Fix build with bison 2.6
      gfs2-utils: Update translation files
      mkfs.gfs2: Improve strings for translation
      gfs2-utils: Add the beginnings of a test suite
      gfs2-utils tests: Add a script to exercise the utils
      gfs2-utils: Rename lockcapture directory to scripts
      gfs2-utils: Add a doc on contributing
      mkfs.gfs2: Add translator doc comments
      tunegfs2: Update man page
      tunegfs2: i18n improvements
      mkfs.gfs2: i18n improvements
      gfs2-utils: Update translations and .gitignore
      libgfs2: Rework blk_alloc_i
      libgfs2: Make gfs2_rgrp_out accept char buffers
      mkfs.gfs2: Reduce memory usage
      gfs2-utils: Make the tool tests script more useful
      mkfs.gfs2: Separate user options from file system params
      libgfs2: Move lgfs2_field_print into gfs2l and make it static
      fsck.gfs2: Trivial typo fix
      gfs2-utils build: Enable silent rules by default
      libgfs2: Remove gfs2_next_rg_meta
      gfs2-utils: Build system fixes
      libgfs2: Don't release rgrp buffers which are still in use
      gfs2_edit: Fix divide by zero bug
      mkfs.gfs2: Add options for stripe size and width
      libgfs2: Remove 'writes' field from gfs2_sbd
      mkfs.gfs2: Link to libblkid
      mkfs.gfs2: Use libblkid for checking contents
      mkfs.gfs2: Add a struct to store device info
      libgfs2: Clarify gfs2_compute_bitstructs's parameters
      gfs2-utils build: Fix reporting lack of check
      gfs2l: Improve usage message and opt handling
      gfs2l: Enable setting the type of a block
      gfs2l: Add hash comments
      gfs2l: Add options to print block types and fields
      gfs2l: Read from stdin by default
      gfs2l: Improve grammar layout and path parsing
      gfs2-utils: Remove some unused build files
      gfs2-utils: Retire gfs_controld
      build: Put back AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR
      gfs2-utils: Fix some uninitialized variable warnings
      libgfs2: Remove dinode_alloc
      mkfs.gfs2: Set sunit and swidth from probed io limits
      mkfs.gfs2: Align resource groups to RAID stripes
      mkfs.gfs2: Create new resource groups on-demand
      mkfs.gfs2: Add align option and update docs
      mkfs.gfs2: Move the new rgrp creation code into libgfs2
      gfs2-utils: Update translations
      init.d/gfs2: Work around nested mount points umount bug
      fsck.gfs2: Don't call gettext a second time in fsck_query()
      fsck.gfs2: Don't rely on cluster.conf when rebuilding sb
      gfs2-utils: Add some missing gettext calls
      gfs2-utils: Update translation template
      gfs2-utils: Update docs
      gfs2-utils: Update .gitignore and doc/Makefile.am

Bob Peterson (66):
      gfs2_convert: mark rgrp bitmaps dirty when converting
      gfs2_convert: mark buffer dirty when switching dirs from meta to data
      gfs2_convert: remember number of blocks when converting quotas
      gfs2_convert: Use proper header size when reordering meta pointers
      gfs2_convert: calculate height 1 for small files that were once big
      gfs2_convert: clear out old di_mode before setting it
      gfs2_convert: mask out proper bits when identifying symlinks
      fsck.gfs2: Detect and fix mismatch in GFS1 formal inode number
      gfs2_grow: report bad return codes on error
      libgfs2: externalize dir_split_leaf
      libgfs2: allow dir_split_leaf to receive a leaf buffer
      libgfs2: let dir_split_leaf receive a "broken" lindex
      fsck.gfs2: Move function find_free_blk to util.c
      fsck.gfs2: Split out function to make sure lost+found exists
      fsck.gfs2: Check for formal inode mismatch when adding to lost+found
      fsck.gfs2: shorten some debug messages in lost+found
      fsck.gfs2: Move basic directory entry checks to separate function
      fsck.gfs2: Add formal inode check to basic dirent checks
      fsck.gfs2: Add new function to check dir hash tables
      fsck.gfs2: Special case '..' when processing bad formal inode number
      fsck.gfs2: Move function to read directory hash table to util.c
      fsck.gfs2: Misc cleanups
      fsck.gfs2: Verify dirent hash values correspond to proper leaf block
      fsck.gfs2: re-read hash table if directory height or depth changes
      fsck.gfs2: fix leaf blocks, don't try to patch the hash table
      fsck.gfs2: check leaf depth when validating leaf blocks
      fsck.gfs2: small cleanups
      fsck.gfs2: reprocess inodes when blocks are added
      fsck.gfs2: Remove redundant leaf depth check
      fsck.gfs2: link dinodes that only have extended attribute problems
      fsck.gfs2: Add clarifying message to duplicate processing
      fsck.gfs2: separate function to calculate metadata block header size
      fsck.gfs2: Rework the "undo" functions
      fsck.gfs2: Check for interrupt when resolving duplicates
      fsck.gfs2: Consistent naming of struct duptree variables
      fsck.gfs2: Keep proper counts when duplicates are found
      fsck.gfs2: print metadata block reference on data errors
      fsck.gfs2: print block count values when fixing them
      fsck.gfs2: Do not invalidate metablocks of dinodes with invalid mode
      fsck.gfs2: Log when unrecoverable data block errors are encountered
      fsck.gfs2: don't remove buffers from the list when errors are found
      fsck.gfs2: Don't flag GFS1 non-dinode blocks as duplicates
      fsck.gfs2: externalize check_leaf
      fsck.gfs2: pass2: check leaf blocks when fixing hash table
      fsck.gfs2: standardize check_metatree return codes
      fsck.gfs2: don't invalidate files with duplicate data block refs
      fsck.gfs2: check for duplicate first references
      fsck.gfs2: When flagging a duplicate reference, show valid or invalid
      fsck.gfs2: major duplicate reference reform
      fsck.gfs2: Remove all bad eattr blocks
      fsck.gfs2: Remove unused variable
      fsck.gfs2: double-check transitions from dinode to data
      fsck.gfs2: Stop "undo" process when error data block is reached
      fsck.gfs2: Don't allocate leaf blocks in pass1
      fsck.gfs2: take hash table start boundaries into account
      fsck.gfs2: delete all duplicates from unrecoverable damaged dinodes
      gfs2_edit: print formal inode numbers and hash value on dir display
      fsck.gfs2: fix some log messages
      fsck.gfs2: Fix directory link on relocated directory dirents
fsck.gfs2: Fix infinite loop in pass1b caused by duplicates in hash table
      fsck.gfs2: don't check newly created lost+found in pass2
      fsck.gfs2: avoid negative number in leaf depth
      fsck.gfs2: Detect and fix duplicate references in hash tables
      gfs2_edit: Add new option to print all bitmaps for an rgrp
      gfs2_edit: display pointer offsets for directory dinodes
      gfs2_edit: fix a segfault with file names > 255 bytes

Callum Massey (1):
      gfs2-utils: Fix build warnings in Fedora 18

David Teigland (1):
      gfs2: add native setup to man page

Paul Evans (1):
      libgfs2: Fix resource leak, variable "result" going out of scope

Shane Bradley (5):
      gfs2-lockcapture: Modified some of the data gathered
gfs2_trace: Added a script called gfs2_trace for kernel tracing debugging. gfs2_lockcapture: The script now returns a correct exit code when the script exits. gfs2_lockcapture: Capture the status of the cluster nodes and find the clusternode name and id.
      gfs2_lockcapture: Various script and man page updates

Sitsofe Wheeler (1):
      Fix clang --analyze warning.

Steven Whitehouse (3):
      libgfs2: Add readahead for rgrp headers
      fsck: Speed up reading of dir leaf blocks
      fsck: Clean up pass1 inode iteration code

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